Bank of Mum and Dad

Dosh With Dignity

Payday loan companies have become a scourge on society.

An 'average' APR of 1,500% is as cruel as it is contemptible.

So we aim to do something about it.
(With both fists)


Bank of Mum and dad

It's time someone threw a financial lifeline
to those in loan-shark infested waters.


Yep. That's right. 0%. Zero Per Cent. Zilcharoony. We're offering interest-free, charge-free loans of up to £1,000 to individuals facing challenges to their dignity, freedom or sanctuary. (Our founding and funding priorities.)

Dosh With Dignity!

As mum and dad might have said

Borrowers will have 12 months to pay back their loan. The sooner it's paid back, the sooner it can be re-cycled and passed on to someone else in equal need of help.

But what about
the small print 

 There isn't any