There are over 12 million people in the United Kingdom who are financially excluded and cannot access mainstream credit.

People not able to obtain a loan from mainstream lenders are forced into depending on excessively expensive sources for credit.

Over a third of people who have taken loans (38%) have had to roll the debt over in the past year, or taken out an additional loan to pay off existing debt.

Lend Mum and Dad a hand

If you would like to sponsor a loan, administered by the Bank of Mum and Dad. Please do contact Alexandra Taliadoros. Your kind sponsorship will be directed to a successful applicant. You will be notified of the chosen applicant’s details, and how they progress.

Once the loan is returned to the Bank of Mum and Dad. Your sponsorship will then be re-administered to another needful applicant.

The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation would like to thank the heroic men and women who have sponsored a loan:

  • Bob Holt
  • Brian Marsh
  • Linda Richardson
  • Andrea & Geoff Smith
  • Charles Garside
  • Tony Marsden
  • Darran & Helen Lowde